Offsite Office

TAVA SL has had an office in Second Life for nearly a year in several locations. The most recent one is this one located on property owned by me in Ogilvie sim.

We shared it with the Vietnam Veterans Buckeye Foundation to give them a place in SL until they received their office space at the Nonprofit Commons.

The four flags flown are: American, Canadian (I had two Canadians working for me on my Nam cruise), the United Kingdom flag (a friend of mine’s mother and father were both WW 2 vets and another friend lost his grandfather on HMS Hood), and the POW/MIA flag.

I have decided to leave this office in place as a less busy location. To the left of the office is a dance floor to relax with friends. Music is streamed for everyone’s enjoyment. Not seen, is a place to relax by a fire and chat.

TAVA SL Office

In the office is a functioning answering machine that will hold messages if I am logged out of Second Life or page me if I am logged in and at another location. The security system monitors avatars and records the names reporting them to me. This way if someone comes by, I can get there to greet them. If I’m off SL, then I send them an IM to thank them for stopping by. The TAVA sign will also give them a landmark so they can find the office again or the NPC office as well as a notecard with an introduction to TAVA.

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