Second Life Office

Transgender American Veterans Association now has an office in Second Life. It is located in the Plush region in the NonProfit Commons. This is a Second Life office in a complex of approximately 80 nonprofit groups from around the world.

This office was assigned to us in November 2009 and we are open for business.

NonProfit Commons, NPC, is donated land that is operated by a nonprofit called TechSoup.

The advantage of being in NPC is the opportunity to network with other nonprofit groups from around the world. It also affords us the opportunity to meet potential members as it is a designated entry point for new residents to Second Life.

In addition to having neighbors, there are social events. There is a dance on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. There is also a standing meeting on Friday morning at 0830 Pacific Time, which is the standard time for Second Life also known as SLT. One or more of us usually make the meeting

Once we get settled, we’ll be having regular office hours.

Many of the organizations have classes, workshops, and other events and one announcement to the NPC group will go out to a large number of people and often be relayed to their groups.

Please note, any times referenced in this website are SLT, which corresponds to Pacific Time in the US.

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